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with AIKA Jewelry Bag.

High Quality Leather.

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with AIKA Jewelry Bag.

Minimalist, functional, and luxury leather jewelry bag


What is the philosophy of the brand ?

Less for the better: This is the basic principle of everything we do. Our aim is to create timeless AIKA products with carefully selected, high quality materials.

We consider it one of our responsibilities to inform our customers and raise awareness of the global waste crisis. We produce in small quantities to avoid overproduction and stockpiling. We try to maximize the life of our products with the materials and production techniques we choose. We hope that AIKA will become an indispensable brand handed down from generation to generation.

When designing AIKA products, we first ask ourselves if they are timeless, functional and unique. We create all of our products with great attention to design details and functional purpose. We design with love and produce with love for you to use with love.

Maintenance: Taking proper care of AIKA products will extend the life of your products, reduce your consumption rate and reduce unnecessary waste.

Repair: Your products can often be brought back to life with a minor repair. To reduce waste, we can simplify the repair of your AIKA parts.

What is the history of the brand?

AIKA Concept reflects the philosophy of life and perspective that Ayka, Tuana's grandmother, taught Tuana. As Tuana describes her grandmother, “She was a cloud of light who destroyed all darkness.” she says. Therefore, AIKA Concept values minimalism in design, quality in production, and functionality in use and aims to make every life it touches easier to live. 

How do I care for my AIKA leather product?

This product is handcrafted by master craftsmen, paying attention to detail and quality. Leather is a living material. For this reason, scars, wrinkles and color tone differences can be seen on the surface of the skin. These are due to the natural structure of the skin.

In order to protect your calfskin product well, we recommend that you follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Be careful not to rub or scratch the product on abrasive surfaces.
  • Protect the product from hard impacts.
  • Do not expose your product to direct sunlight and keep it away from direct heat sources (iron, radiator, electric heater, etc.).
  • Do not leave newspapers or magazines on the leather products as ink can penetrate and leave permanent stains.
  • Avoid contact of products with any clothing that may transmit dark dye.
  • Avoid contact with oily substances, cosmetics, perfumes, hydro-alcoholic solutions and any material that may transfer color pigments to the product.
  • Keep your product away from water and humid environments.
  • If the surface becomes soiled or damp, dry the product with a clean, lint-free, light-colored, absorbent cloth. Never use soap or chemical solvents.
  • Leather products should not be washed in the washing machine and should not be contacted with chemicals such as detergents.
  • Any leather item without the “waterproof” mark may allow water to bleed. Leather is porous and is a living, breathing material. Leather products may leak when used during rain or snowfall. Therefore, water spots may occur.
  • To protect your product, please store it in the supplied protective case.

How do I care for my AIKA canvas product?

The following recommendations are for handmade canvas and leather products. Support the inside of the product when not in use to maintain its shape. To protect your product, please store it in the supplied protective case (dust bag).

Cleaning Suggestions:

  • First, clean the stain with a soft, dry and clean toothbrush.
  • Use a mild soap mixed with water as the cleaning solution.
  • Using your brush, mix the cold water and soap together until bubbles begin to form.
  • Dip your brush in the soapy water mixture and gently scrub the soiled areas of the canvas fabric, moving the brush in circular motions to thoroughly loosen dirt and remove stains.
  • Continue dipping the brush in the soapy water mixture as you clean the stained areas of the canvas fabric.
  • Finally, rinse the stain. You can rinse the desired spot of the canvas by holding it under some running water from the tap.

A small stream of water allows you to gently rinse the soapy solution without spilling water on the rest of the bag. After the stains are removed, dry with a paper towel or cloth to absorb any remaining water, Let the canvas bag dry naturally.

Important note: Drying with a tumble dryer can damage attachments such as leather straps, zippers and other adhesives. You should keep the leather or metal parts of your bag dry. If water gets on non-canvas parts, you should dry and wipe them as soon as possible to avoid damage.

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How to take care of your canvas products?

Following suggestions are for products handcrafted in canvas and leather. 

How to take care of your leather products?

Leather AIKA products are handcrafted products made by master craftsmen who pay enormous importance to details and quality

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