Fewer is better. It’s the core principle of anything we do. Our purpose is to create timeless products with carefully selected, high-quality materials. 

We think it’s one of our responsibilities to inform our consumers and bring awareness to the global waste crisis. We produce in small quantities to prevent overproduction and overstock. We are trying to maximize the lifetime usage of our products. We hope AIKA would become a brand that will pass from generation to generation. 

While designing any product, we first ask ourselves whether it is timeless, functional, and unique.We create all of our products by paying attention to detail and its functional purpose. Every piece of the AIKA collection is hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen from Turkey and made with high-quality materials. We design with love, produce with love, for you to use with love.

Care: Giving care to AIKA products as it requires will extend the life of your products and decrease your consumption rate, and reduce unnecessary waste. 

Repair: Your products can often be brought back to life with a small repair. In order to reduce waste, we can facilitate repairs for your AIKA pieces.

Fewer is better. It’s the core principle of anything we do.

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