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 Trade Name: Tuana Aygar

 Mersis Number: 6061343513200001


 Phone: (0212) 988 05 88

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 Product Return Address: Please send an e-mail to regarding this issue and get address information.


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In this section, the basic features of the contract product or products are explained. The main features of the goods or services are available at, you can view the basic features of the product here.

The selling price of the contractual goods or services, including all taxes, is shown in the table below.

It will be on the payment page.

Delivery Term: Delivery to Address

Orders received after 14:00 are processed the next business day and are delivered to the cargo company on behalf of the buyer or third parties designated by the buyer within 2 business days. After your product is delivered to Yurtiçi Kargo, the delivery time varies according to the distance. More detailed information about when the order will arrive is reported on the first business day after the cargo is shipped.


The prices listed and announced on the site are the sales price. The announced prices and promises are valid until they are updated and changed. The prices announced periodically are valid until the end of the specified period. After this day, it is warned that the seller does not comply with the information and promises given in this form.

After this preliminary information form is read and accepted by the Consumer in electronic environment, the stage of establishing a consumer contract will begin.


Consumer; In distant contracts regarding the sale of goods, it has the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the goods within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the product to itself or to the person / organization at the address indicated, without any legal or criminal liability and without any justification. The costs arising from the use of the right of withdrawal belong to the SELLER. In order to use the right of withdrawal, the SELLER must be notified to the address stated above by registered mail, fax, telephone or e-mail within 14 days and the product / products must be undamaged as they reach the BUYER. If the right of withdrawal is exercised, it is obligatory to return the original invoice to the SELLER and the sample of the cargo delivery report indicating that the product / products delivered to the CUSTOMER / BUYER have been sent to the SELLER. Within 10 days following the receipt of these documents, the price of the product / products is returned to the CUSTOMER / BUYER. If the right of withdrawal is used within 14 days, the product / products will be returned to the SELLER by cargo by the CUSTOMER / BUYER and in this case, the shipping fee belongs to the SELLER. If this right is used; a) the invoice of the product delivered to the person or the BUYER,

b) Return form,

c) The products to be returned must be delivered complete and undamaged, together with the box, packaging and standard accessories, if any.

d) The SELLER is obliged to return the total price and the documents that put the buyer under debt within 14 days at the latest from the receipt of the withdrawal notification to the BUYER.

e) If there is a decrease in the value of the goods due to the BUYER’s fault or if the return becomes impossible, the BUYER is obliged to compensate the damages of the SELLER at the rate of his fault.


6.1) The BUYER declares that he has read and informed the preliminary information about the basic features, sales price and payment method and delivery of the product subject to the contract on the website and gives the necessary confirmation electronically. RECEIVER; By confirming this Preliminary Information electronically, it confirms that the SELLER has received the address to be given to the BUYER by the SELLER, the basic features of the ordered products, the price including taxes, payment and delivery information, before the conclusion of the distance contracts.

6.2) In distance contracts, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 (fourteen) days without any justification and without penal terms. The notification regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal shall be sent to the BUYER’s e-mail address or MASLAK MAH. AOS 55. SK. B BLOK NO: 4 İ Ç KAPI NO: 542 It is sufficient to inform the open address in KOLEKTIF HOUSE SARIYER / ISTANBUL in writing or with a continuous data carrier. The right of withdrawal starts from the day the consumer receives the goods in contracts related to the delivery of the goods, and from the day the contract is concluded in other contracts.

6.3) The SELLER is responsible for delivering the product subject to the contract to Yurtiçi Kargo, in a sound, complete, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order, and with the warranty documents and user manuals, if any.

6.4) The SELLER may supply a different product of equal quality and price by informing the BUYER and obtaining its explicit approval before the contractual performance obligation expires.

6.5) If the SELLER fails to fulfill the contractual obligations in case the fulfillment of the product or service subject to the order becomes impossible, the SELLER notifies the consumer before the expiry of the performance obligation arising from the contract and returns the total price to the BUYER within 14 days.

6.6) For the delivery of the product, this Preliminary Information Form must be confirmed electronically. If, for any reason, the product price is not paid or is canceled in the bank records, the SELLER is deemed to be free from the obligation to deliver the product.

6.7) After the delivery of the product, if the related bank or financial institution does not pay the price of the product to the SELLER due to the fact that the credit card belonging to the BUYER is used unfairly or unlawfully by unauthorized persons not caused by the BUYER’s fault, the BUYER will it must be returned to the SELLER. In this case, shipping costs belong to the BUYER.

6.8) The SELLER is obliged to notify the BUYER of the situation if the product subject to the contract cannot be delivered within the period due to force majeure or extraordinary circumstances such as adverse weather conditions that prevent transportation. In this case, the BUYER may use one of the rights to cancel the order, to replace the product subject to the contract with a precedent, and / or to postpone the delivery period until the preventive situation disappears. If the BUYER cancels the order, the amount paid is paid to him in cash and in lump sum within 14 days.


Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the consumer cannot use his right of withdrawal in the following contracts.a) There is no right of withdrawal in Distance Contracts written in the Article 2/2 of the “Regulation on Distance Contracts”, which entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated 11.2014 and numbered 29188.

b) The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in the contracts / goods and services listed in Article 15 of the Distance Contracts Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 27.11.2014 and numbered 29188.

Due to the use of the website you use to place an order, there is no additional cost to consumers regarding the fee schedule.


You can submit your applications to the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems or to the Consumer Court where you purchase goods or services within the monetary limits set by the Ministry of Customs and Trade in December each year or where you reside.

I confirm that I have obtained the preliminary information specified in this Preliminary Information Form.

Vendor: Tuana Aygar – AIKA CONCEPT

Buyer: The information will mentioned be on the payment page. 

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