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The AIKA Istanbul Bag is inspired by the city of Istanbul, a vibrant and dynamic metropolis with a rich history and culture. The colors and design of the bag capture the essence of Istanbul, making it more than just a fashionable accessory but a way to connect with the city and its spirit.

Whether you’re heading to the office, going out for the evening, or traveling, the AIKA Istanbul Bag is the perfect companion. So why wait? Try the AIKA Istanbul Bag today and experience the difference for yourself! You will love how it looks, how it feels, and how it makes you think. Order yours now and join the growing community of the AIKA family, which has discovered the joy and convenience of functional accessories.

Product Details
It is 100% calf leather and handcrafted.
Bag Size: 23 cm x 16.5 cm x7 cm
Handle Length: 124 cm
There are two pockets in the bag’s inner compartment for storage and organization. One pocket is zippered.
It comes with a dust bag, and it is recommended to keep the bag inside.
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Further Information

Introducing the all-new AIKA Istanbul Bag – a 100% leather and handcrafted bag inspired by the vibrant city of Istanbul. Available in three stunning colors: Burgundy, White, and Black, our AIKA Istanbul Bag is designed to hold all your essentials fashionably and functionally. It is made from high-quality, genuine leather and handcrafted to perfection, ensuring that it is durable and stylish.

But the AIKA Istanbul Bag is more than just a pretty accessory – it is also a statement of your style and individuality. Whether you choose the classic Burgundy, the chic White, or the sleek Black, each color of the AIKA Istanbul Bag reflects Istanbul’s unique character and charm. So why settle for a dull and generic bag when you can have the AIKA Istanbul Bag, which is as vibrant and dynamic as the city itself?

The AIKA Istanbul Bag is versatile and convenient, thanks to its adjustable and removable strap. You can wear it over your shoulder or body or remove the strap to carry it as a clutch. The choice is yours!

The spacious interior and multiple compartments make it easy to organize your belongings and keep them within reach.The magnetic cover protects your belongings inside the bag. This magnet mechanism spreads over the entire cover and provides a fast and easy opening. Most importantly, it makes it easy for you to reach your belongings. As soon as you leave the cover, it closes by itself due to the magnet attraction, allowing you to protect your belongings again and instantly.

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